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I write.  If you need text for articles, books, websites, blogs, technical projects, possibly I can be your verbal flow and fingertips.  I work with a variety of clients on an hourly or project basis — let me know what you need and how I can help.

My latest books is called A Light of Dragons, and (naturally) it’s about the six dragons I talk to every day, and what they want to explain to the human race, so that we can get our collective act together.  Click here for more info:  https://dragonactivations.com/dragons/dragons-the-book/  PLUS you can click here to download my latest FREE e-book Dragonomics.

To date, I have written seven books — so far — about the energetic structure of the universe.   I have also issued two cookbooks and three photography books created with ace photographer Madeleine Vite of madphoto.com.

Spiritual Integration looks at the universe as a macrocosm and your human life as a microcosm so that you can start seeing how to change your life. Based on Geotran™ human programming concepts, this series helps you see your place in the universal fields, and how you can use your divine blueprint to create a magnificent life aligned with what you are designed to do, be and have on this planet.

Here is a short video about the Spiritual Integration series:

Volume 1:  The Spirit of Intelligence combines philosophy, spirituality and human energy programming with a dash of humor and quantum physics to give a vivid picture of how the universe works and how we humans fit into it. Understanding how the energy fields work lets you start to change your reality… Click here for the precis of The Spirit of Intelligence.

Volume 2:  God in Body continues to examine how we humans (as microcosm) fit in with the universe (as macrocosm), especially when it comes to purpose, passion and your divine assignments. What are you here for? Maybe it’s time to find out!  Click here for the precis of God in Body.

Volume 3:  (Attending) God School addresses what we are here to learn and do on this planet: become co-creators with God and reproduce/recreate heaven on earth. What’s your purpose and passion? What do you need to learn in order to fulfill your assignments? Explore the five core courses, and then consider your electives… Click here for the precis of God School.

Volume 4: Beyond the Mountain looks at what life can be like after enlightenment. Climbing the mountain is only the first half: what comes afterward can be just as challenging and even more fun. What would you be doing if you had that perfect balance of work, play and Spirit?  Click here for  the precis of Beyond the Mountain.

Volume 5:  Divine Feminine ReValuation — what does this mean?  We are shifting in all sorts of ways – large and small. Not just on this planet but throughout the galaxy, we are at the pivot-point of releasing the divine masculine outbreath of God, and beginning the divine feminine inbreath. Whoosh!  Click here  for the precis of Divine Feminine ReValuation.

Volume 6:  Divine Feminine Glory

Volume 7:  Divine Feminine Ordering

Volume 8:  Divine Feminine Glory

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