Ah, the joys of modern technology, with video cameras (and apps) built into every Mac computer!

Here are some quick videos to explain more about Geotran:

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 01

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 02

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 03

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 04

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 05

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 06

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 07

Here are videos about the Spiritual Integration series of books:

Introduction to the Spiritual Integration series

SI-1:  Spirit of Intelligence

SI-2:  (Living as) God in Body

SI-3:  (Attending) God School

SI-4:  Beyond the Mountain

SI-5:  Divine Feminine ReValuation

SI-6:  Divine Feminine Glory

SI-7:  Divine Feminine Ordering

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Please note:  I’m not a medical doctor, and Geotran is not intended to take the place of a qualified medical practitioner, advice or  treatment;  it is a brain re-education process, and for educational purposes only. 
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