Further Help and Assistance

There are several people and places I collaborate with and/or recommend if you wish to extend your spiritual journey:

Geotran practice and teaching in North America is under the aegis of Geotran International;  their website is

Outside North America, Dragon Activations offers sessions and trainings that combine Geotran Integrations, our unique Activations, Human Design, and other innovative practices to clear and activate your individual circuitry.

Contact us here by email:

If you have pets that require help, Dr. Jan Wright is the one to contact — she’s a genius with animals as well as practicing and teaching Geotran and CRA.  Her website is, tel. (405) 650-4959‬, email:

Check out recent interviews and discussions on my web-tv show Being Your Best YOU on my YouTube channel here:

Click here for my WRITING, including articles, blog posts, and books that are about Geotran and/or the world of spirit and the energy fields.

For more on the Spiritual Integration series and my other books, click HERE.

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For brief videos about all the above, click HERE.

There are, of course, BLOG POSTS ‘below the fold’ on the home page.

Questions?  Feel free to contact me for further help and information!

WhatsApp:  +18054405573
All appointments are by zoom: