Amplified Chinese Elements

Five Chinese Elements – or it is TEN?

My teacher Dorothy Espiau has always used the TCM elements and meridian as a model for understanding and adjusting the energy flow not just in the body but also at the soul level — meaning your mind, will, emotions, and desires.

Recently I have been developing individual resets for each of these ten Chinese elements:

1.   Fire Element Reset:  heart, circulation, thyroid, adrenals

2.   Earth Element Reset:  stomach, spleen

3.   Metal Element Reset:  large intestine, lungs

4.   Water Element Reset:  bladder, kidney

5.   Wood Element Reset:  gall bladder, liver

6.   Serendipity Element Reset:  benevolence, wealth

7.   Peculiar Element Reset:  loved, cherished

8.   Glorified Element Reset:  glorified, afraid

9.   Air Element Reset:  immune system, balance+harmony

10. Benign Element Reset:  happy, sad

I am writing a small e-book covering these ten elements.