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Computers, Integrations, Activations, Other

Now, I know not everyone is a techniques geek like me, and I don’t want to overwhelm you all… so here are all the techniques in separate sections.

INTEGRATIONS reset, repair, reboot different corners of the 16 inner bio-computers.  These computers govern every aspect of your life — basically, they combine programs and data to create output, and the output is everything around you in the sensory realm, and in the soul realm — what you think, feel, believe, and desire.  Most Integrations are based on Geotran, the programming ‘language of all possibilities’.

ACTIVATIONS also operate in the 16 bio-computers, and other places as well.  These are dragon downloads that use sacred geometry to UPGRADE those computers to a glorified level.

ACTIVATIONS for more than the bio-computers can be found here, under DRAGONS.

SUPER-ACTIVATIONS go into the Void (of unmanifest creation) and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.

You can find each of the 16 bio-computers here under (amazingly enough) COMPUTERS.