Bigger Better Pivot Program

Ready for deeper work…

… using the whole toolbox:  Geotran, Activations, Human Design, AND input from the dragons??

You’ve probably had an hour or two of Geotran and maybe you have a sense of how you can clear, reset, and activate the wealth of wonderful programming that lies in your inner bio-computers (and therefore the subconscious).  The thing is… it’s like going to the gym.  One session can do a lot, but you really need to work out consistently to feel the full benefits.  With multiple sessions, we can start to retrain your energy fields so that you can be, do, and have all that is truly part of your blueprint.

So if you’ve been feeling

  • Lost or stuck…

  • Sick and tired…

  • Bored or apathetic…

  • Asleep…

  • Constantly agitated, irritated, aggravated, frustrated, or generally ‘off’…

Ooh, have I been there!  So I know it’s time to sit down at the keyboard and tune up those inner bio-computers so that you can be 100% YOU and hold that peak energy.  Only as YOU is it possible to align with your divine blueprint — what your inner computers are set up to run — and that’s how to can get back on track to your dream life, whatever that looks like:  more clients and money, better flow, peace of mind, great relationships, and passion for your unique purpose.

Here’s what to do:

1.   Use this link to get on my calendar:

2.   Choose Two-hour Session, and repeat until you have five sessions booked in — it’s a ‘buy four, get one free” deal.  Personally I like to have the same time every week for five weeks, because it builds momentum.  Double-check the times with me personally because half the time I’m in Central time, and half the time in France, which is CET.

3.   The investment is $1,997;  send with PayPal, Zelle, Wise, or Stripe.

4.   Together we’ll listen for what your body intelligence wants to work with, in order of priority.

5.   RESULTS:  Restored truth, light, power, and best of all your true IDENTITY — woohoo!

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