M•A•G•I•C Breakthrough Sessions

Feel the M•A•G•I•C!

Due to overwhelming demand (okay, some polite-but-urgent requests from a few enlightened clients) I am now offering Magical VIP Sessions with the DRAGONS!

What’s a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION?  It’s where we sit down 1:1 for the most intense clearing, restructuring and restoration of who you ARE, in the NOW.  Want your YOU back again, with YOUR truth, YOUR power, and YOUR identity?!  Now’s your chance, using my vast tool box and also direct dragon energy — and those dragons are terrific at clearing blocks.  This is the highest level attention and service you can imagine, and all focused on YOU!

Who is this for?

  • You’re a successful professional or academic woman ‘of a certain age’ who has outgrown your roles.

  • You’re recently retired or thinking about retiring;  however, as an action-taker, you’re anxious about the perceived inactivity of retirement.  Maybe you’re an empty-nester, maybe your university department has squeezed you out, maybe your successful corporate job is destroying your soul — maybe all three at once!

  • You KNOW you’re intelligent, forceful, powerful — that you still have the music left to play in you — but somehow what has worked up until now just doesn’t any more.

  • At this minute you are feeling chaotic, stuck, puzzled, and definitely unappreciated… frazzled, in short.  You don’t really know who you are any more, and the stress is starting to have physical effects on your health and temper.

What’s the M•A•G•I•C?  Miracles, Activations, Geotran, Integrations, Creativity, all rolled into one unique process of bringing you back to the fabulous you that possibly you forgot for a minute under all your stress.  What would it feel like to get your life, your inner system, your health, wealth, relationships, and purpose sorted out so you can be YOU — all in one session??

I’m sure you’ve been cautiously chipping away at these issues, but maybe it’s time to go deep instead.  What if we could spend a day together, to really clear your system and got you back to being YOU — the YOU of your divine blueprint, the YOU that already knows who you are, and what you are here to know, do, be, and have.  There is nothing more important than being You in the Now… from that place, you already know your next step.

So if you’re ready to…

  • Be restored to who you truly are, with self-knowledge and self-confidence

  • Go from chaotic to calm and clear

  • Be in the NOW where you can make fresh choices

  • Reset your self-esteem, self-worth, and ability to succeed

… then contact me to arrange your VIP BREAKTHROUGH SESSION now.  We’ll meet by Zoom and get you back on track with YOU.

Oh, right, details:

Dates:  I only have a few spaces available per month and they go quickly, so sign up asap!  Also, once the next ten spaces are taken, the price will go up to $997.

Times:  Two hours of fabulously focused attention, at whatever time suits your time zone and mine.  Trust me, two hours at a time is usually the most change anyone can handle — and in two hours we can do absolute miracles!

Investment for the next TEN ONLY $999, via PayPal, Zelle, Wise, or Stripe.
Identity Breakthrough $555https://buy.stripe.com/5kAbJw7Y62XhfPGbJU

READY TO LEAP?  Email me here:  drkyreadept@gmail.com

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