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NEW E-book: DRAGONOMICS:  Five Steps to Creating Miracles in Your Life!

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I love, love, love clearing your bio-computers, resetting your circuits, and activating new+cool programs to expand your health, wealth, passion, and purpose.

  • Did you grow up believing that you always had to think things through, using left-brain logic rather than right-brain intuition?

  • Have you had some success and satisfaction your career but know there is more — somewhere?

  • Are you in the middle of pivot because the old roles no longer work, but you don’t know your new direction?

  • Ready to go from confusion to clarity, puzzled to peaceful, overwhelmed to opulent?  Say no more!

  • Are you a maverick at heart who somehow got stuck in Normal Land??

Whether we use Geotran inner programming, Activations (my own technique!) or Human Design, the key is to get your conscious aligned with your subconscious so that you can create your dream life.  So here are some fabulous ways to work with me — and if these don’t suit, contact me to discuss your requirements:

M•A•G•I•C Breakthrough Session — to restore you to YOU — amplified, magnified, intensified, and glorified with your power, truth and identity fully switched on!  With this process, you will KNOW your next step… and have the gumption to take it.

Sorry guys/gals, the price has gone up!  via PayPal, Zelle, Wise, or Stripe.
First five only!  $555:
Identity Breakthrough $999:

Single Session @ $444 — ooh, a two-hour taste of getting yourself back into alignment with YOU!
Pay via PayPal or Stripe:

Starter Series @$1,997 — FIVE two-hour sessions to blast through your limitations and restore your health, wealth, relationships — and your true identity.
Value = five x $444 = $2,220 — such a deal!  Pay via PayPal, Zelle, Wise, or Stripe.

Oh, and here is my base price list:  Kyre Adept Pricelist
I’m worth it — and more to the point, YOU — your power, truth, identity — are SO worth it!

PayPal or Zelle?  Send to along with a note to say what it’s for.
OF COURSE, we can arrange a payment plan — just get in touch with me directly to discuss the possibilities.  Need a quick chat to arrange matters?  Here’s my scheduling link:

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