Computers 1-16


Here’s what you need to know:

INTEGRATIONS reset, repair, reboot different corners of the 16 inner bio-computers.  These computers govern every aspect of your life — basically, they combine programs and data to create output, and the output is everything around you in the sensory realm, and in the soul realm — what you think, feel, believe, and desire.  Most Integrations are based on Geotran, the programming ‘language of all possibilities’.

ACTIVATIONS also operate in the 16 bio-computers.  However, they are dragon downloads that use sacred geometry to UPGRADE those computers to a glorified level.

Both Integrations and Activations can be found HERE, organized by computers.   You can check which computer is ‘off’ using this list:  16 Bio-computers 2023.

GEOTRAN is based on Clearings and Integrations;  clearings clean up your inner bio-computers and/or meridians, and are especially good at going back to an unresolved trauma in the past and releasing it there.  Geotran was created by Dorothy Espiau, 1985-2017.  All the other techniques on this page were created by Dr. Kyre Adept, 2020-2024


1.   Pretest:  This body/person requires something from this page?

2.   How many?  Identify?  Take each one in order of priority.

3.   Follow the individual instructions for the Integration or Activation OR…

4.    ASK if it is obedient or in your highest interest – May I ?, Can I?, Should I? – to access it through the Universal Code:  R/C  8-7-3-1-2-9-5-7 over the thymus.  It’s better practice to do the full integration;  however, as you see, I have only put in the links/files for the Adept Integrations and Activations.  In the top section, anything that does NOT have a live link is copyrighted by Dorothy Wood Espiau or Geotran International.

5.   Post test:  After working through your list, ask, “This body/person requires anything else on this page?”  Test indicator muscle;  if Off, make sure to SEAL.  If ON, start with the above questions again.

NOTE:  Integrations often need to be given in their long form to your field a few times before you will have the resonance to access that particular integration in the field, so always check FIRST!

Dragon Integrations and Activations arranged by bio-computers:

16.   Grace Computer — Sophia Program, divine feminine
15.   Glory Computer — Life of Presence Program, Mighty I AM Presence
14.   Genius Computer — Perception Program, your inner truth or ‘library’
13.   Gumption Computer — Fully Alive Program, divine masculine
12.   Gratitude/Praise Computer — Life of Love Program, God particle
11.   Perfect Computer — Life of Valiancy Program, Soul of God, values
10.   Trustworthy Computer — Life of Purpose Program, Signature of God
9.     Responsibility Computer — Life of Service Program, options
8.     Hope Computer — Life of Victory Program, visions of God
7.     Legacy Computer — Life of Excellence Program, surrender/completion
6.     Visions Computer — Joy of Excellence Program, surrender to genius
5.     Grave Computer — Pursuit of Excellence Program, surrender to completion
4.     Bliss Computer — Surrender to Excellence
3.     Love Computer — Standard of Excellence
2.     Life Computer — Point of Excellence
1.     Light Computer — Gems of Excellence

GEOTRAN INTEGRATIONS © Dorothy Wood Espiau / Geotran International

1.   Light Computer:  Gems of Excellence

1.   Miracle Integration
2.   Four in One Integration
3.   Peace Integration
4.   Living Integration

2.   Life Computer:  Point of Excellence

1.   Grace Integration
2.   Omega Star Integration
3.   Wonder Integration
4.   Glory Integration

3.   Love Computer:  Standard of Excellence

1.   Kindness Integration
2.   Courage Integration
3.   Twelve-Step Integration
4.   Restoration Integration

4.   Bliss Computer:  Surrender to Excellence

1.   Choice Integration
2.   Decision Integration
3.   Light of Truth Integration
4.   Truth of Light Integration

Other Gems of Excellence levels:

17.   Power Integration for the HEART
18.   Dynamic Integration for the SOUL
19.   Light Integration for the SPIRIT

Other Geotran Programs

  1. Planetary Self-Healing – Mind

  2. Galactic Self-healing – Will

  3. Universal Self-Healing – Heart

  4. Life Mission I – what, who, why

  5. Life Mission II – how

  6. Life Mission III – the beauty of the way

  7. Life Mission IV

  8. Feng Shui I – outer

  9. Feng Shui II – inner

  10. Song of Divine Creation

  11. Walking, singing, playing, dancing

  12. Say SO BE IT for work already done in the field that you may claim.

  13. Question of the Heart Integration

  14. Divine Placement

  15. Shadow Work – emotional body work

  16. Spiritual Practice

  17. Assistance from another person

  18. Reverse the Problem

  19. Pray for others – Bodhichitta Health and Help Prayers

  20. Return of the King

  21. Relationship work

  22. Soul Ties – five corrections

  23. Teleconferences – Dorothy Espiau

  24. Teleconferences – Kam Kettering

  25. Other?

SO:  Use your muscle-testing, see what your body intelligence requires to get you back on track, and have at it!

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