The Grace Computer:

This new computer is so important because it deals with your divine feminine.  This is especially important right now because in 1987 we moved from 5,200 years of the divine masculine outbreath of God to the divine feminine inbreath of God.

Sure, both men and women have that divine feminine aspect (and the divine masculine as well) but naturally women tend to express it more. The divine masculine is yang, expansive, action-based and detail-oriented;  basically, it aligns with the left side of the brain, the logical, linear, language-based hemisphere.  The divine feminine is more right-brained:  big-picture, creative, focused on order, ordering, and receiving.  Basically, Mom is in the house, cleaning up the mess made by male energies that do things because they can, rather than because they have carefully weighed the consequences in the overall process.

Here is the graphic that shows the corners and concerns of the Grace Computer.

The Grace Computer is all about your DIVINE FEMININE, and the associated integrations form part of the Sophia Program.


1.   16-1 Rejoicing Integration
2.   16-2 Restitution Integration
3.   16-3 Receiving Integration
4.   16-4 Law Integration


1.   16-1 Expansion Activation
2.   16-2 Generous Activation
3.   16-3 Priority Activation
4.   16-4 Relativity Activation

This is where to find these Activations when they are created…

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