The Glory Computer:

This new computer (December 2023) is about an energy that is crucial to how we move forward as humans.  In Scripture, Jesus purportedly said, “A new commandment I give you:  as I have loved you, love one another.”  Our even newer commandment is this:  “as I have glorified you, glorify one another.”

What does this mean?  The Glory of God is intelligence, which is truth and light.  Above every glory is a higher glory, which means that both light and truth are higher at different levels.  So GLORY really means that we give the glory to God, and God reflects that Glory back to us.  We are designed to glorify — that is, apply higher unconditioned truth+light, or divine love — to ourselves, to God, and to those around us.  In terms of Spiral Dynamics, this takes us past the first tier and into stage yellow and stage turquoise.

Here is the graphic that shows the corners and concerns of the Glory Computer.

The Glory Computer is all about your Mighty I AM Presence, the God I AM in you that governs the seven higher souls that reflect glory and glorification.  There are seven souls, as can be seen on this page: MIAP with Souls.

  1.   Will Soul

  2.   Emotions Soul

  3.   Mind Soul

  4.   Reality Soul

  5.   Purpose Soul

  6.   Focus Soul

  7.   Wisdom Soul

So always check if there are specific MIAP souls that need integration or activation, and then do the work that checks for you.  Here are the four integrations in the Life of Wisdom.


1.   15-1 Devoted Integration
2.   15-2 Potential Integration
3.   15-3 Decisive Integration
4.   15-4 Engaged Integration


1.   15-1 Joyeux Activation
2.   15-2 Flourishing Activation
3.   15-3 Brightness Activation
4.   15-4 Loving Activation

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