The Gumption Computer:

This new computer (December 2023) is about the divine masculine, that outward, expansive, action-and-output component — your printer, in short.

It’s important to understand this right now because in 1987 we moved from 5,200 years of the divine masculine outbreath of God to the divine feminine inbreath of God.

Naturally, both men and women have both divine feminine aspect and divine masculine aspects, but naturally men tend to express this one more. The divine masculine is yang, expansive, action-based and detail-oriented;  basically, it aligns with the left side of the brain, the logical, linear, language-based hemisphere.  The divine feminine is more right-brained:  big-picture, creative, focused on order, ordering, and receiving.  Basically, the masculine will do something ‘because we can’ without regard for the mess left behind.  Yet, the divine feminine needs the output that the divine masculine provides…

Here is the graphic that shows the corners and concerns of the Gumption Computer.

Gumption means “shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness”;  the Gumption Computer is all about the part of you that is extra-ordinary, that goes above and beyond perceived human limitations.


1.   13-1 Obedience Integration
2.   13-2 Robust Integration
3.   13-3 Steadiness Integration
4.   13-4 Prudence Integration


1.   13-1 Process Activation
2.   13-2 Wonderful Activation
3.   13-3 Relish Activation
4.   13-4 Joyous Activation

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