Discovering Human Design

Discovering Human Design

The Human Design System (HD) is a fascinating combination of the I Ching, astrology, and the chakra system.  It describes with great precision exactly how your inner circuits work — where they will allow energies to flow, or not, and how that affects your personality and purpose.

How does this relate to Geotran?  With Human Design, we can check your circuits, and with Geotran we can clear past traumas and other energy blocks to your entire system.  Using HD adds a layer to our understanding of who and what you are… and Geotran can be used to clear the contaminations and assimilation that distort your natural genius and path to a happy, fulfilling life.

AND — this is the really important, unique part — I can offer HD ACTIVATIONS to shift the energies in your HD chart.  Activations for each of the 64 Human Design Gates are available here:


I am happy to discuss your HD chart with you personally by appointment.  Click HERE for details.

If you are new to Human Design, I urge you to explore the following WEBSITES:, the ‘official’ HD site, the best site for creating Rave Charts offers advanced charts for color and tone. with Kim Gould, developer of Emergent Human Design

And my absolute favorite for specific details:

There are some BOOKS I have found useful:

Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, the Science of Differentiation (Paperback) by Ra Uru Hu (Foreword), written by Lynda Bunnell, pub. 2011 by HDC Publishing, ISBN 978-0-61555-214-9

The Complete Rave I Ching, by Ra Uru Hu, pub. 2011 through CreateSpace

Human Design:  Rave I Ching Cards, by Lynda Bunnell, pub. 2014 by HDC Publishing;  these are great to use as flash cards for learning lines and gates.

Abundance by Design:  Discover your unique code for health, wealth, and happiness, by Karen Curry Parker, pub. 2016 by Gracepoint Matrix

Here is a list of the Human Design files available on this website:

General ARTICLES on Human Design:

Lines, Gates and Centers

Here the various components of Human Design:

TYPES – amplified


PROFILES — all 12 Profiles in one summary



And other HD articles of interest:

Introduction to Asteroids (by Kim Gould)

Colors and Interior Directions

Asteroids and Archetypes

Galactic Centers

Love Gates

Relationships by Type

Abundance by (Human) Design

HD Conditioners


HD Synthesis Index

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