Human Design

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What is the Human Design System?

I was introduced to the Human Design System 20 years ago by Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran.  We both found it quite fascinating, because it told us basic things about ourselves that we hadn’t realized before — just from the HD Rave Chart.  [Dorothy and I are both Sacral Generators, which means we respond rather than taking the initiative.  Realizing that one piece helped every part of our lives and work together.]

It took a while before I started any serious study, but I just love the depth and intricacy you can find in Human Design.  I am now a certified HD Archetype coach with Emergent Human Design (Kim Gould’s course of study in Australia) and I am continuing to train with Becca Francis, who is also based in Oz.

The really impressive part of Human Design is how it goes together with Geotran and Adept Activations.  HD shows you the unique design of your inner circuity, with potential skills, traits, and interests.  Geotran allows you to reset those circuits, to activate all the programs with which you come preloaded.  I love to have a look at a person’s HD chart and see how that correlates to their inner bio-computers.  From there, we can upgrade and enhance the natural functions and compensate for perceived glitches and vulnerabilities.  It’s a terrific combination!

Here is a basic one-page .pdf:   What is the Human Design System?

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Human Design was founded by Ra Uru Hu, formerly known as Robert Alan Krakower.  In early 1987, Ra Uru Hu received a download of information from a discarnate source he called ‘The Voice’.  This data stream combined astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, a nine-center chakra system, and quantum physics to describe unique circuitry based on a person’s date/time/place of birth.  He wrote down what he was given, with the understanding that this new system was a pivotal way for humans to evolve (both personally and as a species) as it reveals the mechanics of how things work in the human energy system.  Since then, many have studied this system, and now carry on Ra Uru Hu’s legacy as teachers, counselors, and students.

Human Design describes who you are, energetically.  One HD expert expresses it this way:

Sometimes we struggle because we have forgotten who we are.  Often, it’s because we don’t actually know!  Knowing who you are, e.g., knowing how you are built and meant to operate in this world is the most critical piece of information you can have about yourself.  Knowing who you are is what really matters because everything – the unfolding of your right path, the ability to exercise  discernment in decision-making – in short, your access to clarity – hinges on being yourself.

It is true that life will always have its challenges.  There is no such thing as an oasis that is free of all worries.  This is why it matters that your way of being in the world is sourced directly from your internal wisdom.  When you let go of what you are not, you are no longer interfering with your path.

What you are doing right now will affect how the rest of your life will play out.  If you are disengaged now, how will that change in the future?  If you are unsuccessful and uninspired now, how will that change in the future?  If you are stressed out and worried about whether you have enough now, how will that change in the future?  Nothing will change as long as you continue to operate from the same routines that have created your current situation.  (Gloria Constantin,

Human Design integrates well with Geotran because both focus on how your system works;  HD sets out the exact structure of  your inner circuitry, and Geotran offers tools to correct glitches or miswiring in that circuitry from the micro to the macro level.  Both restore choice to the human system.

The Structure of Human Design

HD sees the human at the moment of birth in the center of the HD ‘mandala’, and also at a moment 88 solar degrees earlier.  The first forms that person’s conscious design (in black), while the earlier time forms the unconscious or potential design (in red).  The planetary positions are projected against/through 64 ‘gates’ (correlating the hexagrams of the I Ching), each of which has six ‘lines’ that modulate the energy of that particular gate.  When a gate is activated, and if there is also an activation at the other end of that particular bridge or channel, the energy center of which it is a part lights up.  So in the HD chart itself, you will see some of the nine centers colored in, while others remain white. A n activated center means that you know and can draw on that part of your life or structure;  when a center is white, it means this is an are where you have questions or where you’ll be attracted to the experience of another person whose center is activated or channel.

So:  your birthdate, time, and place determine which gates are activated, and those gates in turn activate the channels and centers, and that determines your Type and Strategy.  If you only find out your Type and Strategy, you will already have a very valuable way to move forward.  The HD chart where all this is shown is called Rave Chart, and you can get yours (free) from  Jovian Archive will also give you base information about your type, strategy, etc.;  if you get fascinated (as I did) and wish to look at a number of charts, the better site is

HD Types

Types are created by which Gates, Channels, and Centers are activated.  There are the five basic types in order of popularity:

Generators:  active, receiving/responsive, work very hard once committed, warm connective aura;  they work for appreciation, otherwise get frustrated.
Generators need to learn how to use their nonverbal guidance system, and to ‘wait to respond’.

Manifesting Generators:  warm, connected go-getters, workaholics, need clear commitment
Manifesting Generators need to follow their Strategy before taking action and also ‘wait to respond’.

Manifestors:  controlling, good at initiating, cold aura, prone to anger and exhaustion when not in their Strategy;  Manifestors need to learn to include/inform others.

Projectors:  low energy but very sensitive to the energies of others, so they make good guides and mentors (although they feel the need to be ‘experts’ first);  tend to feel ignored and get bitter if under-appreciated.
Projectors need to learn to ‘wait to be invited’.

Reflectors have NO activated centers, so they are exquisitely sensitive to (and reflect) what’s going on around them.   They easily get overlooked and overloaded, but if they take the time and space required to process, they develop wisdom.
Reflectors need to learn to allow others to provide support.

Here is a larger article about TYPES.

Each type has a different Strategy, colored by the person’s Authority, and that depends on which centers are active and connected.  Here is an article about STRATEGIES and AUTHORITIES, or rather specific combinations of Type+Authority.

Here is a further article about CENTERS, and also one about specific GATES.  Gates create different potentials based on which LINE contains the various PLANETARY ENERGIES.   They can connect to other gates forming CHANNELS.  Together, the Gates and Channels indicate where energy naturally flows in your circuits… and therefore where you are likely to find your gifts and talents.

Further mitigating factors are PROFILES, DEFINITIONS, and INCARNATION CROSSES.  They primarily indicate your overall purpose or life direction.  There are also five kinds of CONDITIONING by which your circuits are constrained until you start working within your correct Human Design.

In Emergent Human Design, an evolving offshoot of ‘classical’ HD, Kim Gould emphasizes asteroids and minor planets that represent divine feminine energies.  Here is a file that talks about the major ASTEROIDS on the last page.

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