Geotran Sessions

Geotran Sessions

I remember the first time I ever experienced Geotran, Dorothy Espiau said this:

If you aren’t making as much as you’d like, if you have family dysfunction, if you have health issues, if you are having the same relationship over and over again, just with different people… these are programming issues!

The good news is that we can clear any or all of these, and restore your peace of mind, purpose, and prosperity using Geotran human programming!  Find out more in my FB group:

Here are a few words from a recent client:  Whatever you cleared from me was literally a huge shift in my life.  I am suddenly moving forward with the same enthusiasm, hope, and excitement that I had originally.  So thank you again!  LM from California

A Geotran session lasts two hours, because I like to continue until we have cleared everything that is ‘up’, if possible.  Also, I find that two hours is about as much change as most people can stand at a time!  Like going to the gym, it’s better practice and certainly better value to have a series (five x two-hour sessions) or longer.  However, I’m also happy to work in single sessions if that is more practicable.  There is no ‘one best way’ to engage with Geotran — it’s whatever works for you, whatever restores your peace of mind, success, or satisfaction.

All sessions take place by Zoom;  as I am in France half the time, it’s good to work first thing in the morning (US time zones), because that will be afternoon in Central European Time (EST+6).

We always start with a map:  that is, using inner listening and muscle-testing, we determine what work is required, in order of priority.  Your body intelligence knows exactly where you went off-track, and exactly how to get you back in alignment, step by step.  All we need to do is LISTEN and then do the work… together.  We are always working to get you back in alignment with your divine blueprint, which is bound to create more ease and grace in your life

What results can you expect?  Many people say they feel remarkably lighter, clearer, more focused and purposeful.  People have reported clearing creative blocks — for example, one client started painting again after a three-year hiatus.  The main result is that your inner bio-computers are able to function at full capacity again — whatever that means to you are designed to be, do, and have.

What is YOUR next step into Geotran?  Set up a time here:

Geotran Session (two hours):  $444 — email me to arrange yours!

Geotran Series (buy four, get one free):  five two-hour sessions for $997.

Three month VIP (1:1) program:  two hours per week:  $6,666

NEW:  12-month VIP program:  two hours per week:  $24,000 with tons of bonuses.

Email to set up a time to get your life moving forward again.
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Payment:  Most people pay by PayPal, but also we welcome cash, checks, BTC/ETH, CashApp, Venmo (@Kyre-Adept), and direct deposit into our WF bank account using Zelle.

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Please note:  I’m not a medical doctor, and Geotran is not intended to take the place of a qualified medical practitioner, advice or  treatment;  it is a brain re-education process, and for educational purposes only. 
Also, Geotran™ and all the techniques, tools, concepts, and information described here are copyright (c) 1987-2020 Dorothy Wood Espiau and/or Geotran International;  all other content is copyright (c) 2023 Adept Activations.