Gems of Excellence I


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The next Gems Intro is on SUNDAY, 13. March, 2022, at 2pm CST for about two hours.  Register HERE if you’re a new student, and HERE if you are a refresher student.

Gems of Excellence I Class

The Gems of Excellence Program deals with your LIGHT COMPUTER, one of the four main bio-computers in your divine atomic blueprint of creation.  The Light computer has to do with your physical life conditions, such as your body, health, diet, work, where and how you live… all the ways you can manifest in physical form. We always clear and integrate the Light Computer first, because that where the rubber hits the road when it comes to living and creating on this planet.  It’s a privilege to have a body;  not all beings have bodies or the ability to create, and that’s why some of those beings want to take over yours!

The Gems of Excellence Program offers a number of clearings, and four distinct integrations.  (In Geotran, an integration is a series of Geotran codes we use to set specific goals and bring your system into alignment with those goals.)  The four integrations are:

  • The Miracle Integration deals with the way you learn, see yourself and the world, and the way you hear and comprehend. It deals with dyslexia, all midline movements, and much more.

  • The Four in One Integration addresses the way you communicate, especially with your inner self.

  • The Peace Integration is for restoration of lost ideals and violation of universal laws.

  • The Living Integration restores your ability to receive and be blessed.

In this first half of Gems of Excellence, we start by bringing everyone to the point where they are able to learn.  Then we focus on clearing YOU:  your inner systems, your bio-computers, and your time-lines, culminating in a Miracle Integration for the entire group.  One of the fabulous thing about these classes that whatever one person clears will also clear for everyone in the room.

The Gems I Class is always scheduled for a Friday evening, then all Saturday and Sunday.  Through the wonders of modern technology, we have figured out how to do this work by Zoom.  There will be breakout rooms so that you can practice in small groups;  however, in Gems I, we’ll mostly be clearing and demonstrating on the entire group.  You’ll be amazed at how light and energized you will feel once your timelines have been cleared!  [Note:  I attended the recent Gems I Class and it was brilliant!  I came away with renewed passion for Geotran and for my life, purpose, creativity… without stress or anxiety.]

The only prerequisite for Gems I is the Gems of Excellence Intro Class.

At this moment, I am only available for private Gems I and Gems II classes.  Contact Dr. Kyre at 805.440.5573 or for more details or if you wish to sponsor a Gems I Class.

Please note:  I’m not a medical doctor, and Geotran is not intended to take the place of a qualified medical practitioner, advice or  treatment;  it is a brain re-education process, and for educational purposes only. 
Also, Geotran™ and all the techniques, tools, concepts, and information described here are copyright (c) 1987-2020 Dorothy Wood Espiau and/or Geotran International.