Private Gems Intensive by Zoom


UPDATE: We had a wonderfully successful Gems Intensive, and found that this format worked well for everyone.  So if you would like to take part in the next one, let me know by email!

For the first time ever, here is a Gems Intensive:  Gems of Excellence I and Gems of Excellence II, in a new format.  Normally, we spend 2.5 days on Gems I, explaining and clearing your blocks to learning, then experiencing all four integrations, followed by 2.5 days for learning HOW to do the four integrations on yourself and others.  Because I believe an experienced student can learn faster than that (and because we are all busy), I’m offering this new structure as an experiment.  Here’s the deal:

This is what I propose for this innovative way to clear your computers AND learn how to do the Big Four Integrations of the Gems of Excellence course (working on the light computer, or your physical conditions).  It is the next big step forward in learning Geotran to use on yourself and/or for clients, so I’m excited, and I hope you are as well.  You will come out of these sessions feeling so much more YOU, plus you will have some great techniques to use on a continuing basis.  Plus, of course, what we clear for anyone in the room will clear for you as well.

The new plan is to do this in six evenings and afternoons, as follows:

Evening 1:   Tuesday 21-September-2021,  7-10pm EST, 6-9pm CST, 5-8pm MST, 4-7pm PST, 1-4pm HST

Evening 2:  Wednesday 22-September-2021, 7-10pm EST, 6-9pm CST, 5-8pm MST, 4-7pm PST, 1-4pm HST

Evening 3:  Thursday 23-September-2021, 7-10pm EST, 6-9pm CST, 5-8pm MST, 4-7pm PST, 1-4pm HST

Evening 4:  Friday 24-September-2021, 7-10pm EST, 6-9pm CST, 5-8pm MST, 4-7pm PST, 1-4pm HST

Session 5:  Saturday 25-September-2021, 1-5pm EST, 12-4pm CST, 11-3pm MST, 10-2pm PST, 7-11am HST

Session 6:  Sunday 26-September-2021, 1-4pm EST, 12-4pm CST, 11-3pm MST, 10-2pm PST, 7-11am HST

PREREQUISITES:  At least one Intro Class, and at least one private series with me.  This will be concentrated learning — fun, but intense.   I will record each session so that you can review at your leisure (or if you miss a session for any reason).  There is a particular order to what we are learning, so it’s important to attend every session if you possibly can.  Of course, that’s the advantage of holding these in person, that we are all in one room with fewer distractions, but in these trying times… Zoom works, too!  And of course it’s cheaper and more convenient for all of us.

COST:  In the past, a Gems I and Gems 2 would cost $600 each (in person) or $400 each (by Zoom — actually, that’s the early-bird price — full price is $475 each or $950 total).  No one has ever done a Gems Intensive by Zoom.  What checks is $600 for the two together (and of that, I am paying Geotran International $100 for your manuals).

If you have already attended a Gems I and Gems II Class, and have your manuals, you may do this intensive as a refresher student @ $200 ($100 each for Gems I and Gems II).

If you have done a Gems I but NOT a Gems II, then you can come to this intensive for $400 (including $55 for your .pdf Gems II manual).

Tuition is $600 for beginner students:  click HERE to register and pay via Paypal.  This includes the non-printable manuals.

Tuition is $200 for refresher students:  click HERE to register and pay via Paypal.

NOTE:  If you want the printed manuals, I have to order them specially and have them shipped.  Gems I is $30 plus s/h;  Gems II is $55 plus s/h.  Let me know well in advance if that is what checks for you.

Kindly contact me if you have questions:  And I hope to play with you soon!