Grabovoi Numbers

Grabovoi Numbers… and the dragons

The WHAT?!

Grabovoi codes (also known as Grabovoi Numbers) are specific number sequences. These sequences are not just random numbers;  each of the numbers has a meaning and a purpose according to the Russian mathematician, healer, and psychic Grigori Grabovoi.  Each numerical sequence is a string of numbers that are said to act in the energy field to change circumstances, conditions, and health for those who use them consistently and correctly. These Grabovoi codes became popular after they went viral on Tiktok and other social media;  my colleague in Brazil says that they are well-known there.

The Grabovoi codes were invented by Grigori Grabovoi, a Russian mathematician.  Some think he’s a brilliant fraud and others suggest that he is an inspired healer and miracle worker.  He was born in 1963 in Kazakhstan, although his family is of Ukrainian heritage.  His educational background is in mathematics and mechanics and in 1986 he graduated from Tashkent State Polytechnic University in applied mathematics and mechanics.

What does this have to do with the dragons?  ‘My’ dragons directed me to these codes when I was downloading the SuperActivations.

Grabovoi based his numbers on the concept of the radionic theory developed by an American physician named Albert Abrams. Abrams developed a machine called an Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT) machine using radio waves to detect and heal illnesses (source).

Electromagnet therapy radiation is a form of alternative medicine. Abrams wrote two books describing electromagnetic therapy (EMT) in 1909 and 1910. His assertion was that since all life forms share common ground through the electromagnetic field of the earth, we are all connected in some way.  Therefore, electromagnet radiation (EMR), which are basically radio waves, can be sent into the body to determine the cause of the ailment. The term for this remarkable healing method was also called Radionics. Albert Abrams’ contribution was the idea that each ailment has a particular frequency that could be identified and cured by way of radionics.

Grabovoi Codes have been used to treat health and other conditions at a distance. There are Grabovoi numbers for many aspects of life, such as:

  • health

  • wealth

  • relationships

  • self-expression

  • passion and purpose

  • spiritual development

  • ‘other’

Grabavoi numbers bear a cousinly relationship to Geotran, in that they alter the frequencies in the energy field(s).  There are number of different ways to use these numbers:

  • Repeat the ones that check three times out loud, with intention.

  • Write them out — three times — with intention.

  • Post them on your mirror.

  • Use them on your computer screen (home screen or screensaver).

  • Carry them in your wallet or purse and read them over when you have a moment.

  • Record them in your own voice and listen during meditation.

  • Code them into a radionics machine and broadcast as needed.

Here are some lists of Grabavoi numbers that I have found useful.

Grabovoi Codes General

Grabovoi Sequence Wealth 1

Grabovoi Sequence Wealth 2

Grabovoi Codes Health

Grabovoi Codes Love

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