Dragon SuperReboots!

What is a SuperReboot?

Those dragons… they keep giving me more techniques, and then I have to (get to) write them up, test them out, and add them to this website.  It’s a fascinating challenge, and the latest iteration is SuperReboots.

What I’m hearing is that these are NOT Geotran-based, NOT sacred geometry, something else that reboots (duh) the various layers of the human energy system.  You know that Geotran is a programming language for the inner bio-computers — and there are 16 of those.  That is a central way of looking at the human energy system, and all these techniques are going to affect the bio-computers.  At the same time, there is another perspective that applies to every human being, and that is the pyramids, point up and point down, and this is where the SuperReboots seem to operate.

INTEGRATIONS create alignment between you and your goals.

ACTIVATIONS upgrade your inner computers.

SUPER-ACTIVATIONS go into the Void and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.

SUPER-RESETS reharmonize and rebalance all aspects of your life and inner bio-computers at the same time.

SUPER-REBOOTS… reboot not only the bio-computers, but your entire system itself in its various levels.

Look at this Pyramids chart:  the point up (human) pyramid has to be in alignment with itself, AND the point down (God) pyramid must be in alignment with itself, AND both need to be in alignment with each other … then the two pyramids slide together and you get to walk around as you in God and God in you, as the eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet of God, doing your anointed work on this earth.

Each and every level in these pyramids can go out of alignment or get choked up through assimilation, contamination, possession, or subluxation from your own or someone else’s incorrect/toxic memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions, or beliefs… anywhere on the timeline.  . Your system simply isn’t designed to process other people’s issues;  identifying and removing those can be a great starting point to realign and rebalance your pyramids and therefore the flow of energy and information throughout your system.

Another major factor is disobedience, which means being out of alignment with your divine blueprint.  What takes you out of obedience?  We are each designed to give, help, serve, teach, and allow BUT frequently end up giving, serving, teaching, helping, and allowing incorrectly – in the wrong way, at the wrong time, or with the wrong people.  Example:  let’s say someone wants to work with me, but it doesn’t ‘check’.  I love to serve and teach, but when I do so contrary to my obedience, it will tend to knock me off-balance, while the client doesn’t get the help that is correct for her.  There is always that temptation to give, help, serve, teach, and allow “just this once”, but often you end up taking on the other person’s issues – as if you don’t have enough of your own!  I’ll post the article about Ways We Get into Disobedience as an Appendix;  read it if you want to know more about this concept.

You came into this lifetime with a set of instructions, intentions, and inbuilt programs.  That is, your eternal spirit made an agreement with God/Spirit for what you are to do, be, and have on this planet.  How to recognize this?  Follow your passions and your purpose – and obedience to your blueprint.  This set of SuperReboots in another way to get back into that alignment.

01 Pyramid SuperReboot

This first Superboot aims to bring both pyramids into alignment:  first with the 72 point-up pyramids so that they are internally congruent, AND the 72 point-down pyramids for internal harmony, and then having the collective sets meet at the Point of Excellence.  This in turns creates or allows two things:  firstly, it allows direction or inspiration to flow from the God Physical to the God Soul to the God Spirit, jumping the gap to the human spirit, which then tells you what to think, feel, believe, and desire in your soul, and that in turn creates or attracts what you experience in the physical or sensory realm. The second thing is the ability to walk around in union with the God of your being, in cocreation with God/ Spirit/All-that-is… which is our job on this planet.

02 Physical SuperReboot

All human beings – everything with a body – starts out in the physcial sensory realm.  Many people pretty much stay there, because we naturally require security of food, water, housing, clothing, and other physical resources before we can deal with what’s happening at the soul level.  Thus, unification on the physical level is a starting point for dealing with the sensory world as well as the foundation for higher levels.

03 Psyche SuperReboot

In the Geotran world, the SOUL is your personality and/or psychology:  what you think, feel, believe, and desire.  It includes your mind, emotions, and will.  Effectively, it’s the goblet that holds your spirit.  It takes direction from that eternal spirit, and in turn attracts or is attracted to your physical reality.  In most people, this is the level that is choked up with assimilation, contamination, possession, imprints and other nonsense – mostly from other people.  The soul can also be shoved out of alignment, like the spine having a subluxation.  This SuperReboot is designed to reharmonize the ‘little soul’, which has the most impact on our human lives once our physical survival needs are met.

04 Spirit SuperReboot

Although many spiritual teachers talk about the Soul as having the key influence on our humanity, actually the pointy bit – the eternal soul – is the most crucial part to unify with God.  This part is already redeemed;  however, most human experience a disconnect between the Spirt and the Soul.  So when you are working (with yourself or others) pay little to no attention to what they are thinking or feeling;  that is what keeps people stuck at the soul level.  Instead, always ask and check (with muscle-testing) for what is obedient, or in alignment with the divine blueprint.  That automatically takes you ip into Spirit, which is where you can truly hear the voice of God.

05 Spirit of God SuperReboot

In the Christian theology as taught by Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran, this point-down or divine Spirit includes the following:

  1. Holy Ghost — masculine — lack leads to physical ailments

  2. Holy Spirit — feminine — lack leads to mental issues

  3. Holy Spirit of Promise — feminine — lack leads to delusions

  4. Holy Ghost of Promise — masculine — lack leads to ‘wish to die’

… as well as the divine spirits of power, riches, wisdom, might, honor, glory, and blessing.  So you can see how bringing back into balance, harmony, and union can benefit every one of us!  Plus the Spirit of God is essential for connecting the God Self with the Human Self so that we can take instruction and direction directly from that divine intelligence of which we are a part.

06 Soul of God SuperReboot

The Soul of God is like the human soul, except that it operates at a higher frequency of thinking, feeling, beliefs and desires.  Like the Spirit of God, the divine Soul (or ‘big personality’) includes several parts:

  1. The Heart of God

  2. The Soul of God

  3. The Will of God

  4. The Favor of God

… and we fulfill our purpose best when we align with those higher thoughts, emotions and desires than when we remain entangled with our lower personality traits and patterns.  This SuperReboot helps us ‘begin anew’ at a higher frequency or vibration.

07 Immortal Soul SuperReboot

From this point onwards, we are working in the Physical of God point down.  This part has an especial affinity with our point up physical, and alignment here allows us to create and attract more easily and cleanly in the sensory realm.  The Immortal Soul in particular is our operating system, which in turn is based on faith and patience – plus, on a good day, with obedience and grace.  Many of our ‘computer glitches’ strike first at the Immortal Soul, and they either block or slow down our entire system.  Thus, this SuperReboot cleans and clears HOW we are able to run the right programs in the correct way, throughout our 16 bio-computers and other parts of our inner universe(s).

08  Mighty I AM Presence Super Reboot

09  The ONE SuperReboot.

10  Divine Spark SuperReboot

11  The Wilderness SuperReboot

12  God Particle SuperReboot

Details to follow, including Mastering SuperReBoots — the manual!