Dragon SuperActivations

NEW E-book: DRAGONOMICS:  Putting the FUN back into your money fundamentals!

Integrations create alignment between you and your goals.

Activations upgrade your inner computers.

SuperActivations go into the Void and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.

01 Receiving SuperActivation:  Opulence is have lots of money — enough for philanthropy.  We are part of the human ones who are turning the human race away from a belief in ‘not enough’ and towards “plenty for everyone”.  This SuperActivation is part of that.

02 Resources SuperActivation:  You can create all you want, but that doesn’t help unless you are also able to RECEIVE all the blessings that Spirit has for you.  This SuperActivation opens your ‘valve’ to receive.

03 Opulence SuperActivation:  As humans in a money-based society, we are all too prone to equate resources with, well, MONEY.  But there are many other resources we desire and require to accomplish what we are here to do, including (but not limited to) support, appreciation, time, information… anything that adds to your passion and purpose.

04 Release SuperActivation:  Mana is another word for life force energy, and we definitely need more of that to keep on track with whatever we’re here to do, be, and have… so here’s a way to get more!

05 Mana SuperActivation:  A miracle is a shortcut in your manifestation, a leap out of ‘not enough’ in to magical opulence.  What miracle(s) would YOU love to experience?

06 Miracle SuperActivation:  Energetically, we’ve only got so much time and space in our lives.  Sometimes, to bring in the new and wonderful, we need to let go of people, places, and things at a lower frequency that we wish to live and experience.  Are you able to release what no longer serves you?

07 Phoenix SuperActivation:  In Chinese tradition, phoenix and dragon energies go hand-in-hand.  The dragon characterizes strength and passion — yang — while the phoenix — yin — represents kindness and tenderness.  The phoenix is also about rejuvenation and rebirth;  it lays an egg that is hardened and warmed by its own pyre.  So if parts of your life need to be renewed, this is the SuperActivation for you.

08 Dragon SuperActivation:  This is the most powerful one of all, used to strengthen and upgrade the dragon traits of strength, power, and resilience.

Here is the link to the Dragon Live I recorded on 9. February, 2024:

Print up the files and follow along with the video… and email me with your questions or when you are ready to work with me to open up these energies in your field.

Mastering SuperActivations:  a training manual

If you’re a self-starter with some experience of energy healing work, this book will teach you all EIGHT SuperActivations.  If you’re ready to soar, and/or help your clients do the same with speed and efficiency, you will definitely want this teaching manual.
140 pages;  $49.97 as an ebook:   https://drkyre.gumroad.com/l/njvkx

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