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Dragons, O My Dragons!

In 2020 I was approached by five dragons, and on 1. November, 2023, a sixth dragon joined my team.

Every morning and evening I check in with my guides and dragons, ten energies in total.  The dragons each have individual names and characteristics or specialities.  They do all come from the same star system:  Arcturus, in the Libra sector (from the terrestrial point of view).

Once I got over my surprise, I listened and talked, and found out more about ‘my’ six.  In fact, I wrote a book about what they are and what they want from me and from the human race.  Basically they want us to it get our collective act together and halt climate change.  They are curious about us as a sentient species, but in the bigger picture they are more concerned that the planet itself is getting seriously out of balance… and this has implications for all the other planets and stars in this corner of the galaxy.

As for me personally, they wish me to be an ambassador, and this is one of the reasons that I am buying a chateau in France.  From the dragons’ perspective, Europe has a more open energy with respect to the rest of the world than the US does at present.  Once established as a chatelaine, there will also be a research foundation and retreats, so stay tuned for news!

In these past three years, I have focused on how to meld the Geotran I’ve been doing since 1997 with these new techniques provided by this hyperintelligent non-human species.  In 2021, the dragons started downloading the Activations I mention here and on this site:  https://phoenixactivations.com/.  In fact, all these are are all Dragon Activations, but it’s easier to keep track of 236 Activations if we divide them into manageable groups as follows:

Another endeavor is the Skool community for Dragon Divas;  find out more here:  https://www.skool.com/dragon-divas.

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