Ultimate Opulence Reset


Dragonomics:  letting money flow in with ease and enjoyment — like the dragons do it!

Ultimate:  this means you get my undivided attention for swift, efficient changes — woohoo!

Opulence:  having a marvelous financial flow, enough to give to others as a philanthropist

Reset:  restoring the high level of health, wealth, and purpose you are designed to live!

This means we meet for two hours per week to get your system sorted out so that you can get on with your dream life without ever being concerned again about your credit cards or bank accounts.

This is for you if
🔥  You KNOW there is money (or health, or purpose) for you somewhere, but…
🔥  You’ve tried all the manifestation seminars and still…
🔥  You’ve been told there is more than enough, however…
🔥  You’re intrigued by the very idea of ‘opulence’;  is this really possible?

This is NOT for those who still operating with negative beliefs such as…
😢  Life has to be a struggle:  NOT TRUE!
😢  This works for everyone else but not for you:  NOT TRUE!
😢  You are unworthy, undeserving, all that claptrap:  NOT TRUE!

Are you ready to fix your finances with great techniques and a sprinkle of humor?  Then you’re in the right place with your personal Financial Fairy Godmother.  If you can imagine yourself actually having enough money — less stop+go, more flow+flow — with a new and affectionate (and fun!) relationship with your finances, sign up below.

You will walk away with  “OMG, I had no idea it could be like this!”

Some people like the mastermind qualities of working in a small group, while others feel a bit shy about exposing their issues before other people — if you feel like that, this one is for you!  The aim is for you to be restored to who you truly are, what you agreed to do, be, and have in this lifetime — and to have fun doing it.

I guarantee you came in with all the resources you need to create your dream life — we just have to remove the computer glitches and get your innate system working again at full flow.  We get to open up your treasury/valve/hot tap so that you can soak in that abundance that is your birthright as a human being.

So… are you ready to be YOU, relaxing into opulence?  With heaps of 1:1 attention?  Alright!

🔥  Two hours of work/play per week to get you into your own flow
🔥  Backup Q+A in our telegram group
🔥  Limited spaces — I only have space for three people at this level.
🔥  Only $2222 per month to transform world and keep those changes moving!

Very few places are available, so jump on board for your Ultimate Money Reset HERE.

Questions?  Feel free to contact me for further help and information!

Email:  drkyre@me.com
WhatsApp:  +18054405573
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyre.adept
All appointments are by zoom:  https://zoom.us/j/6451873169