Dragonomics Opulence MasterMind


Dragonomics:  letting money flow in with ease and enjoyment — like the dragons do it!

Opulence:  having terrific financial flow, enough to give to others as a philanthropist

MasterMind:  tossing around ideas and strategies with other intelligent resourceful mavericks

THEREFORE:  This is a group that meets twice a week to enjoy clearings, integrations, activations… whatever it takes to keep the valve open and money flowing into your life.

This is for you if
🔥  You KNOW there is money (or health, or purpose) for you somewhere, but…
🔥  You’ve tried all the manifestation seminars and still…
🔥  You’ve been told there is more than enough, however…
🔥  You’re intrigued by the very idea of ‘opulence’;  is this really possible?

This is NOT for those who still operating with negative beliefs such as…
😢  Life has to be a struggle:  NOT TRUE!
😢  This works for everyone else but not for you:  NOT TRUE!
😢  You are unworthy, undeserving, all that claptrap:  NOT TRUE!

Are you ready to fix your finances with great techniques and a sprinkle of humor?  Then you’re in the right place with your personal Financial Fairy Godmother.  If you can imagine yourself actually having enough money — less stop+go, more flow+flow — with a new and affectionate (and fun!) relationship with your finances, sign up below.

You will walk away with  “OMG, I had no idea it could be like this!”

I completely get it:  some people like the mastermind qualities of working in a small group, while others feel a bit shy about exposing their issues before other people — if you feel like that, you might want to try my Ultimate VIP Reset instead.  Anything you say to me or in the (small) group is completely confidential:  the aim is for each person to be restored to who you truly are, what you agreed to do, be, and have in this lifetime — and to have fun doing it.  Plus, it’s a comfort to know that others are also learning with you — that we can help each other.

I guarantee you came in with all the resources you need to create your dream life — we just have to remove the computer glitches and get your innate system working again at full flow.  We get to open up your treasury/valve/hot tap so that you can soak in that abundance that is your birthright as a human being.

So… are you ready to be YOU, relaxing into opulence?  

🔥  Two sessions of small group work/play per week to get you into your own flow
🔥  Backup Q+A in our telegram group
🔥  Limited spaces — maximum of eight in a group.
🔥  Only $1111 per month to transform your money world and keep those changes moving!

Only a few spaces available, so come on board for your Dragonomics Opulence MasterMind HERE.

Questions?  Feel free to contact me for further help and information!

Email:  drkyre@me.com
WhatsApp:  +18054405573
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyre.adept
All appointments are by zoom:  https://zoom.us/j/6451873169