M•A•G•I•C #2

Miracles • Activations • Geotran • Integrations • Creativity, or MAGIC Part 2

This is the second section where you can find the crossover between Geotran and my own processes;  specifically, here are the ACTIVATIONS that relate to computers 4-12.

FIRST, look at this list of the 12 bio-computers and what might be affecting them:  12 Bio-computers 2023

These Activations clear, reset, restore or amplify the other computers — NOT the Light, Life, Love, and Bliss computers.

Now, because Dorothy never completed the integrations for the other eight computers, I have been working on them myself.  As always, there is one Activation for each corner, so that makes four Activations per bio-computer — this was before I started working on the new non-canon Integrations.  Like the other Activations, these are all about sacred geometries…

5.  GRAVEN COMPUTER — Surrender to Potential

1.   Laurel Activation — renews Glory in the Graven Computer
2.   Orison Activation — clears incorrect judgement in the Graven Computer
3.   Receiving Activation — restores ability to receive ALL blessings
4.   Release Activation— opens all doors in the Graven Computer

6.    VISIONS COMPUTER — Surrender to Genius

1.   Professions Activation for the Visions Computer — resets the prayer clock
2.   Lucid Activation — amplifies power in the Visions Computer
3.   Purpose Activation— restores divine purpose in the Visions Computer
4.   Reset Activation for the Visions Computer — reorders facets and timelines

7.    LEGACY COMPUTER — Surrender/Completion

1.   Opal Activation— resets mastery in the Legacy Computer
2.   Neon Activation — lights up your correct future in the Legacy Computer
3.   Zircon Activation — restores all eight divine elements in the Legacy Computer
4.   Wisdom Activation— clears malice from the Legacy Computer

8.   HOPE COMPUTER — Visions, both human and divine

1.   Lucent Activation — clears blasphemy from the Hope Computer
2.   Exuberant Activation— restores psychic energy in the Hope Computer
3.   Zion Activation — clears incorrect ions in the Hope Computer
4.   Wonder Activation— restores innocence in the Hope Computer


1.   Charity Activation — restores higher love in the Responsibility Computer
2.   Letting Go Activation— clears incorrect structures in Responsibility Computer
3.   Lumos Activation — restores functional intelligence to Responsibility Computer
4.   Worthy Activation — restores self-love in the Responsibility Computer

10.   TRUSTWORTHY COMPUTER — Signature of God, virtues

1.   Heart of Gold Activation — restores/reclaims the Promises of God
2.   Trust Activation — restores Trust in God in YOU in the Trustworthy Computer
3.   Rewarding Activation — clears karma from the Trustworthy Computer
4.   Signature Activation — clears blame from the Trustworthy Computer

11.    PERFECT COMPUTER – Life of Love, governs your values

1.   Support Activation — clears rigidity and false limitations from the Perfect Computer
2.   Translation Activation — clears toxic imagination/illusions/delusions
3.   Validation Activation — clears projected unforgiveness blocking your I AM
4.   Hallelujah Activation— clears dark side of the ego from Perfect Computer

12.    GRATITUDE/PRAISE COMPUTER – Life of purpose

1.   Recreation Activation — clears toxic glamours leading you to be something you’re not
2.   Stellar Activation — clears toxic inversions allowing apathy
3.   Radiant Activation — clears toxic light interrupting your ability to shine
4.   Splendor Activation — restores joy and appreciation of God in YOU

13.    GUMPTION COMPUTER — all about your divine masculine

1.   13-1 Process Activation
2.   13-2 Wonderful Activation
3.   13-3 Relish Activation
4.   13-4 Joyous Activation

14.    GENIUS COMPUTER — your TRUTH, the library inside you

1.   14-1 Virtuoso Activation
2.   14-2 Brilliance Activation
3.   14-3 Opening Activation
4.   14-4 Polaris Activation

15.    GLORY COMPUTER — governs your Christ Light

1.   15-1 Joyeux Activation
2.   15-2 Flourishing Activation
3.   15-3 Brightness Activation
4.   15-4 Loving Activation

16.    GRACE COMPUTER — all about the divine feminine

1.   16-1 Expansion Activation
2.   16-2 Generous Activation
3.   16-3 Priority Activation
4.   16-4 Relativity Activation

I have written out complete instructions so that those less familiar with Geotran can follow along more completely.  In the fullness of time, I will put these Bio-Computer Activations together as an on-demand course, but in the meantime I’m a great believer in rewarding those with initiative — so if you found this page, feel free to play!

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