Human Design Activations

The Basics of Human Design

The Human Design System (HD) is based in the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Tree of Life, western astrology and quantum physics — now that’s quite a delicious stew!  Human Design uses our birth time, date, and place to create a bodygraph that is itself an invitation to access what we know that we don’t know we know.  It describes with great precision exactly how your inner circuits work — where they will allow energies to flow, or not, and how that affects your personality and purpose.

How does this relate to Geotran?  With Human Design, we can check your circuits, and with Geotran we can clear past traumas and other energy blocks to your entire system.  Using HD adds a layer to our understanding of who and what you are… and Geotran can be used to clear the contamination and assimilation that distort your natural genius and path to a happy, fulfilling life.  With the brand-new technique of Gate Activations, we can also light up your Gates and Channels quickly and effectively!

I am happy to discuss your HD chart with you personally by appointment.  Click HERE for details.

All 64 Gate Activations are available here:

Which Gates do YOU require?

As explained elsewhere, I have devised or ‘heard’ Activations for each of the 64 Gates, which will also activate or define all 36 Channels as well.  Obviously, it’s best if you consult directly with me, but if you already have a good grasp of your Human Design chart, and especially if you have some understanding of Gene Keys, then you are welcome to try these out.  At the very least, you can use this as a checklist with muscle-testing to check which Gate Activations will do you the most good.

Here is a .pdf list of the Gate Activations, in pairs as they relate to increasing Abundance in your Human Design circuitry.

Gate Activation Checklist

Here are the specific Gate Activations for wealth and abundance:

Gate Activations for Wealth plus Gate Activations for Self-confidence, Love and Direction (G Center)

And HERE are the Gate Activations by Centers:

Gate Activations in the Head Center

Gate Activations in the Ajna Center

Gate Activations in the Throat Center

Gate Activations in the G Center

Gate Activations in the Ego/Will Center

Gate Activations in the Solar Plexus/Emotional Center

Gate Activations in the Sacral Center

Gate Activations in the Root Center

Gate Activations in the Spleen Center

If you are familiar with Human Design + Gene Keys, by all means check your Rave Chart and use these Gate Activations (while they are still free).  If it looks too complicated, or you have questions, or you just want help with the process, contact me for a private session.

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