Dragon Activations

Dragons, O my Dragons!

Where do I start with the dragons?  We’ve been talking for about a year now, some days more than others.   I have a dedicated team of five… and this is what they would like me to start with.  If you want to jump right into the activations themselves, click HERE.

As distinct from the mythological creatures, real dragons are multidimensional, translucent, and able to move at will between the various energetic realms.  Curiously enough, the root word for dragon — drakon in the greek derives from drak– ‘to see clearly’  from the Proto-Indo-European root *derk – ‘to see’;  this is because dragons were said to have exceptional sight.  Certainly my dragons are remarkably clear-sighted about their purpose here, and the conditions that demand their presence.

These particular dragons do not come from Earth, although clearly some dragons have visited before now (given the widespread knowledge of dragons in ALL cultures and mythology).  The dragons in my team come from Spica, in the constellation of Libra;  in HD, this fixed star is in Gate 32.5, the Gate of Being Driven, part of the Channel of Transformation.  In both astrology, this is considered a very blessed energy, representing “Venus/Mars — ‘the Fortunate One’ with wealth, fame, honor, glamour, and a love of art/science”.

Dragons do have names, but don’t feel strongly about them, so we have agreed some nicknames that work well enough.  There is one whose name is entirely numbers!

There are now 60 Dragon Activations!

All are posted on this site, arranged by the sequences below;  also, click here for the Dragon Activations Checklist.

These Dragon Activations are about lifting humans into a higher level energetically.  It’s popular in certain circles to talk about 3-D vs. 5-D realities, so I wondered if that is the intention with these Dragon Activations.  The dragons tell me that is not the most accurate way of defining this multi-dimensional process… and the Dragon Activations mostly work in the 9th dimension.

This is one thing I know about dragons:  they can do the work to save this planet all by themselves, but that is not the best way forward.  They wish to help and teach US how to save ourselves and our planet in a sustainable way.  Because dragons start at stage turquoise, which is all about holistic synergy, they don’t naturally go into dominance hierarchies;  they want to work with us, not for us, and not as leaders in a hierarchy.  My sense is that dragons want to encourage us to be more like them.

The following are the ten Sequences that have come in so far.  Each Sequence is a linked series of five Dragon Activations, each of which contains 15 sacred geometries.

  1.   The Opulence Sequence

  2.   The Mastery Sequence

  3.   The Passion Sequence

  4.   The Synergy Sequence

  5.   The Power Sequence

  6.   The Tacit Sequence

  7.   The Illumination Sequence

  8.   The Purposeful Sequence

  9.   The E-Motions Sequence

  10.   The Intelligence Sequence

  11.   The Tarragon Sequence

  12.   The Gratitude Sequence

Have fun with your exploration!

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