Activation Consultations

Twice a year there is a Seasonal Spike @ $111 — one hour, one issue — but hey, you know you’ll want more.
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Single Session @ $444 — ooh, a two-hour taste of getting yourself back into alignment with YOU… and finding the first step to your dream life of health, wealth, and purpose.
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Starter Series @$1,997 — FIVE two-hour sessions to blast through your limitations and restore your health, wealth, and relationships.  Value = five x $444 = $2,220 — such a deal!
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NEW VIP 1:1 Season @ $6,666 — two PRIVATE hours per week for three full months to restore your inner blueprint (plus lots of nifty bonuses). Only FIVE places are available, so sign up now!
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Maximum impact, maximum value:  VIP+ Geotran for the GOLD program @ $24,000:  two PRIVATE hours per week for a full year, plus you get full access to all classes and group calls.  According to my happy clients, you’ll hardly recognize your life by the end, you’ll be so prosperous, peaceful, passionate, and focused.
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OF COURSE, we can arrange a payment plan — just get in touch with me directly to discuss the possibilities.
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