NEW:  SUPER-ACTIVATIONS for the Year of the Dragon!

Integrations and Activations — What??

INTEGRATIONS reset, repair, reboot different corners of the 16 inner bio-computers.  These computers govern every aspect of your life — basically, they combine programs and data to create output, and the output is everything around you in the sensory realm, and in the soul realm — what you think, feel, believe, and desire.  Most Integrations are based on Geotran, the programming ‘language of all possibilities’.

ACTIVATIONS also operate in the 16 bio-computers.  However, they are dragon downloads that use sacred geometry to UPGRADE those computers to a glorified level.

SUPER-ACTIVATIONS go into the Void (of unmanifest creation) and bring your goals, dreams, and desires into form.

Both Integrations and Activations can be found HERE, organized by computers.   You can check which computer is ‘off’ using this list:  16 Bio-computers 2023.

GEOTRAN is based on Clearings and Integrations;  clearings clean up your inner bio-computers and/or meridians, and are especially good at going back to an unresolved trauma in the past and releasing it there.  Geotran was created by Dorothy Espiau, 1985-2017.

Geotran Integrations work directly in the bio-computers of Light, Life, Love, and Bliss (and other parts of the human system) to bring you and your goals into alignment.  Both clearings and Integrations use the coding language of Geotran — numbers, points, and Geometries — to make changes to the energy circuits in the field.  Change the field, and you will change the physical.

My own field of endeavor is Dragon Integrations, where we use the same principles to clear and reset the OTHER bio-computers — that is, computers 5-16.   Also, in the course of two months last year, I ‘heard’, created, and tested 236 sacred-geometry processes under the umbrella of Phoenix Activations.  All of these Activations operate in the human energy system, whether in bio-computers #5-12 or the human field in general.  All 236 Activations are freely available on our sister website:

I encourage you to go play!

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