Dr. Kyre Adept

Kyre Adept, PhD 

My genius lies in helping people find out who they are, with their unique identity, power, purpose, and direction. Using inner programming, human design, and dragon downloads, we work in the inner computers so that you can have the output you desire: your dream life. A colorful life in the US, England, NZ and France as an architect, writer, chef, chocolatier, and châtelaine, plus 27 of Geotran human programming combine to recognize the genius in others… and help them activate it with speed and efficiency.

My seven books in the Spiritual Integration series are available from amazon, gumroad, and HERE.

My other passions include making chocolate truffles, knitting, reading, writing, cinema, and dancing — contra, waltz, swing, and Argentinian tango.

Ready for a lighter, brighter, more chocolate-aligned life?  Contact me!

Mobile:  + 1 805.440.5573 (US) or  +33 (0)6 89 50 10 00 (France)

Email:    DrKyreAdept@gmail.com

Postal:  723 South Broadway, Urbana IL 61801-4235

Zoom room:  https://zoom.us/j/6451873169