Ooh, NEW Integrations…

The brand-new bio-computer of GRACE!

During the Geotran Fall Gathering last month — November 2023 — I ‘heard’ that four new computers are coming online for the human race.   Of course my first thought was “Hurray!  Let’s get some Integrations on the go!”  Since then, I listened for the characteristics of #13-16, starting with the GRACE computer.

13.   The Gumption Computer is about your DIVINE MASCULINE.
14.   The Genius Computer relates to your TRUTH — the ‘library’ in your cells.
15.   The Glory Computer governs or is governed by your CHRIST LIGHT?  Daughter light?  Haven’t got this 100% yet.
16.   The Grace Computer is all about your DIVINE FEMININE:

Then this last weekend I created graphic with the four corners, and then the four Integrations, which are linked below:

The Grace Computer is all about your DIVINE FEMININE:

1.   16-1 Rejoicing Integration
2.   16-2 Restitution Integration
3.   16-3 Receiving Integration
4.   16-4 Law Integration

The Geotran Integrations for bio-computers 1-4 must be taught in their respective programs, but the A-A integrations are available for experimentation.  Use your muscle-checking!  If one of the linked integrations above checks for you, then have at it!