OMG — Oh, My Glory!

In chat for Saturday night’s program on Addiction I had such an epiphany about my work: I just realized I’m a research scientist in the fields of glory. I love teaching, I love working with people, but most of all I love talking to the dragons: creating new integrations and activations, exploring that boundary between science and spirit, but NOT in a way that defaults to theology (or at least not the religions of the book). Basically, I’m the spiritual equivalent of a theoretical physicist.

This is what my teacher Dorothy Espiau was on about; I get it. Now, she formatted it through theology/religion and that is perfectly understandable but limiting to level four: rules and roles. How does that same understanding come through at level five individualism? Level six focus on relationships to other people and the planet? Level seven experience of the complex chaos of the cosmos? Level eight (turquoise) hierarchies of excellence??

THAT IS THE POINT. The ability to shift and transform the fields is NOT limited to any particular social-cultural-spiritual level as a filter. For example, this graphic (from is clearly level seven in its aesthetic and meaning. It goes well beyond the mediaeval and Age of Reason concepts of the cosmos, and also past the mental constructs from the Scientific Age (which is still at level five). It’s about relationships, for sure, which is level six, and then breaks through into the apparent chaos, actual complexity, of level seven. It carries us with it: visually not verbally, right and left brain together, as a synergistic creation.

That’s where I want to live and breathe and play, in the big picture and details at the same time. That’s where I get to bring transformation to my colleagues and clients: NOT limited to an ultimately sterile time-based spirituality but higher, higher into that Eternal Now where you CAN adjust the flow and the results using creative mayhem.

For 48 years, I’ve been observing my best friend at work in particle physics at DAMPT at Cambridge (think Stephen Hawking), now in the Condensed Matter Theory group at Urbana-Champaign. He is pursuing theoretical physics at the highest level. He doesn’t understand my work at all, and of course I only have the most fleeting comprehension of his equations and whatnot. But I now see we are exploring exactly the same field: the physics of glory. Of course, he would call it the glory of physics, but as my French friend would put it, «same-same».

I love working with my clients; I adore teaching. And yet… my epiphany is the realization that my heart belongs to research, to developing new programs and techniques relating to glory. That is, how do we shift those waves+particles of the human experience to more excitable levels? How does that perfection of synchronized atoms allow and encourage us to align with the Spirit that transcends and includes all previous levels of what we call the soul or psyche: what we think, feel, believe and desire. Through what mechanism do we launch our dinghy of human experience into the vast sea of silence?

For me, that’s where the dragons come in… because they take me above the social and cultural norms into those interdimensional spaces. They actually see and understand a vastly greater canvas than the majority of other conscious beings, human or otherwise. This is where I’m coming from: to join together with those beings who have some inkling of that picture: of who they are, who I am, and what we can do to stay in that place of knowing, loving, and being.

In Geotran, the glory of God is intelligence, which is truth and light, and above every glory is a higher glory. Glorification means loving yourself and others with that divine love (not the emotional love) that holds them higher, and you with them. We glorify God/Spirit, and that glory is returned to us. THAT is glorification — the divine love that lifts all of us to where we can travel between worlds.

And in the mundane world, the result is another four Integrations for Bio-computer #7, the Legacy Computer, which is all about surrender — how perfect. If you’d like a glimpse, DM me;  I’ll check which one you require and send you the file.  Or click here to see the entire list of Adept Integrations:

Oh, and you can see the discussion about Addictions on my Youtube channel here: