Ooh, Procrastination!


Yesterday I taped the next episode of Being Your Best YOU;  Dr. Kevin Richardson and I talked about one of the most popular issues out there for entrepreneurs and service providers: procrastination. Needless to say, Dr. Kevin and I suffer from this as well!

Procrastination — putting off those things you know you need to do — means that you’re pulling up the past, pulling in lack of self-worth or self-confidence, and projecting inadequacy into the future. Hypnotherapists like to go in, find out the reasons, and unspool them one at a time.  Geotran looks at the causes, too, but we also have some tips and techniques for getting over procrastination in the moment.

1.   Get back in the NOW. Put the flats of your fingertips on the top of your head, hold for 12 seconds. Remove that hand, do the same with the other hand — flats of the fingers against the center part (if you have one). Twelve seconds with each hand will bring you back in to the Now.

2.   Reset your self-worth, self-esteem, self-value: cone the fingers of the right hand, circle clockwise over the heart on the midline, while stating “4-2”.

3.   Put your left hand on your list, and do Positive Points: cone the fingers of the right hand, circle clockwise down the outside of the LEFT leg from the knee downwards, stating “2-3, 5-3, 6-5”. Do this four or five times until you can touch the list and get a strong or On response.

4.   Check if you’re running someone else’s procrastination — like a computer virus. If so, identify the person and throw them out — with sound effects!

Now go to your list and do ONE THING — and make it fun!

See, that was easy, right?

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