New name, new brand!

O lovely Geotran-fan…

…after talking with Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran — and that’s a whole story in itself — I’m making changes to my Geotran/coaching practice:

☀️  Both my company and the website have new names and branding: look for Geotran Global or   That’s where to find my current offers and lots of information about Geotran+Activations+Human Design!

🌟  There is a new FB group dedicated specifically to Geotran and Activations:  Over the next few months I will be phasing out Light Me UP coaching and moving the materials to the Geotran Global group.

☀️  Starting in August 2023, I will be teaching online, in Europe, Brazil, anywhere apart from North America, which is Geotran International territory.  With Dorothy’s permission, I am redesigning the manuals and adding Activations to the Geotran Global trainings. 

🌟  Here’s how to contact me!

Kindly bear with me while I change over the branding and add new information.