Magnificent doesn’t mean perfect!

Yesterday I woke up feeling magnificent. Every human is designed for some kind of magnificence, and we each have our own particular flavor or signature. My own signature is brilliance, and on a good day I both exhibit brilliance in my life and work and being, and also appreciate it in others. I especially appreciate others when they are being blessed, passionate, and magnificent in their own particular way, because it’s not a competition, it’s a collaboration. Everyone has their own signature, their own place in the circle, and we add to each other.

In Geotran, we are always looking at the inner bio-computers, especially the Big Four: Light, Life, Love, and Bliss. Each one regulates a different part of your life. For example, the Light Computer generates everything to do with your physical existence: health, work, household, all the sensory impressions. That’s why we always start with clearing and integrating the Light Computer using the Gems of Excellence program.

As well as the Big Four, on 11-11-2011 Dorothy ‘saw’ an additional five computers of Hope, Responsibility, Trustworthy, Perfect, and Praise/Gratitude. Each computer has four ‘corners’, and each corner reflects a different aspect of God. In the Praise Computer, these are:

  1. The Blessings of God

  2. The Passion of God

  3. The Magnificence of God

  4. The Praise/Appreciation of God

When we talk about these aspects of God, it is not looking from the outside – “Oh, there’s God, isn’t He/She magnificent?” It’s from the inside. When your human self and God self are 100% in alignment, and you are walking around in God, with God in you, then you ARE that magnificence, that passion, those blessings, that praise and appreciation in you. You get to channel that magnificence (or whatever other aspect of God you choose) as you walk around AS the hands, feet, words, eyes, and ears of God – the God in you.

So when I wake up feeling and being MAGNIFICENT, that’s my Spirit (transcending my soul/psyche and my physical conditions or awareness) to reflect and embody the magnificence of God. Now, one of the reasons we struggle with this concept of an in-dwelling God is that we afflict God with a static perfection that arises from a level four construct of who or what God is. (Level four in Spiral Dynamics is all about ‘rules and roles:   that is, dominator hierarches and rigidly defined and maintained levels of virtue, status, and respect. God definitely transcends and includes traditional religious hierarchies (level four), the aspiritual logic of science (level five), and the flabby woowoo of ‘New Age’ spirituality at level six.)

Every aspect of God is deliciously evolving and fluid, a wide river that we can dip into as and when we like, depending on our alignment. God is the living light stream that is transmitting all the time, and sometimes we get or choose to receive the channel called Magnificence. It’s like sipping the best cup of hot chocolate: the chocolate is always available, and you get to choose when to warm it up, pour it out, and let it roll over your tongue. Each cup uses a unique recipe, and yes, some versions are more to your taste than others, according to your signature and resonance. It doesn’t have to be perfect – YOU don’t have to be perfect – but oh, my! When you reach the correct octave or vibration for you, that is delicious!


  1. Renee Roberts -

    Absolutely needed today dear, thanks so much for sharing and being the wonderful light in my life. Renee’

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